Tyre Safety Warning:

• Be sure to mount only a tyre of standard or optional sizes listed on the vehicle tyre information placard in the car or in the owner's manual.

• Winter tyres (studless, stud or snow tyres) should not be mixed with other types of tyres.

• Do not mix different tyre size designations or constructions on the same axle, except for limited use of temporary spare tyres. If tyre types are mixed on the same vehicle, driving stability can be lost resulting in serious accident.

• Make sure no air leakage exists from the valve and fix a cap on the valve.

• Be sure to inspect the rim flange for damage. Do not mount a tyre on a rim that is damaged or which has been repaired by welding or brazing.

• When the tread wears to the "platform wear indicators" level, the tyre can no longer be used as a snow or studless tyre. It can, however, be used as a normal tyre to the "tread wear indicators" level (1.6 mm), at which time the tyre should be replaced.

• Tyre rotation can extend tyre life. Refer to your owner's manual for proper tyre rotation procedure and ask your YOKOHAMA tyre dealer.

• Never inflate beyond 280kPa(2.8bar,40 psi) to seat beads.
• Tyre inflation should be done in a safety cage.
• Under-inflation or over-inflation is dangerous and could lead to accidents or tyre damage.
• Check tyre inflation pressure (including spare) at least once a month and before every long trip.
• New winter tyres should not be driven over 80 km/h for the first 100km.

• When driving on winter roads, sudden starts and quick stops should be avoided, and maintain a safe car-to-car driving distance.

• When using tyre chains be sure to use the proper size chains and affix with priority to the drive axle. •Avoid driving with tyre chains for long distance on roads with no packed snow or ice.

•Outer diameter of wheel should be the same as inner diameter of tyre. Never use a tyre under the following conditions:
• If the tread has worn to the treadwear indicator.
• If breaks in the fabric appear.
• If cords or wires are exposed.
Replace the tyre immediately under any of the above conditions.
Storage of steel belted radial tyres:

•Store unmounted tyres indoor in a dry location.

• Never expose unmounted tyres to moisture.


Triangular-shaped marks on the sidewall show the
tread groove position of the "tread wear indicators", the "tread wear indicators" represent 1.6mm of remaining tread depth at which time the tyre should be replaced.


Arrow-shaped marks on the sidewall of GEOLANDAR I/T+
show the tread groove position of the "platform wear indicators", the "platform wear indicators" show 50% of wear of original tread depth at which time it should no longer be used as a winter tyre, but can be used as a nomal tyre.


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